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  • The Local Education Agency must designate a person who will be responsible for all AHERA requirements. The Designated Person must have required training (8 hours).
  • All custodians must have required training (2 hours)
  • Maintenance personnel must have required training (16 hours).
  • Surveillance inspections of all Schools must be performed every six months by either a licensed asbestos inspector or the Designated Person
  • Schools must be inspected every three years and the Management Plans updated by a licensed asbestos inspector.
  • Asbestos containing materials must have asbestos warning labels.
  • Parents and teachers must be notified on a yearly basis of the presence of the AHERA Management Plans

Universal Environmental Consultants (UEC) is a fully licensed firm providing a diverse array of environmental testing services to many of its clients. On our services page, you will find a brief description of some of the services we provide. Should you require a specific testing need not listed there, please contact our office for such.

UEC offers its experienced staff of inspectors and management planners to complete the AHERA three-year re-inspections and update the management plans.

We provide our clients tessting in accordance with EPA, ASTM, NIOSH and OSHA protocols.

The Department of Labor and Standards (DLS) has been conducting audits of all School Systems in Massachusetts to insure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) AHERA regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in enforcement actions by the EPA.

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